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What is a Spear Envelope?

Spear Envelopes are made of rugged 100 lb tag paper with a special waterproof glue.  They are sift-resistant and our exclusive Fold and Tuck feature allows for repeated re-openings without damage.  We can manufacture these envelopes in a few different colors as well as offer printing services and a poly-liner insert.
Coin Envelopes

We also make various coin envelopes which can be gummed, ungummed, or self-sealing.  They can also be customized to your needs with a perforation, a hole drilled in them or manufactured with the flap open.  We stock them in brown kraft paper but also offer a range of colors. 
Coffee Bags

Our coffee bags come in two different sizes and are made of a sturdy brown kraft paper and poly-lined with tin tie closure.